Apostrophe 1.5: legacy documentation

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Batch Import

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Apostrophe has a handy batch import feature for those cases when you have hundreds or thousands of existing images and other files and want to pull them all into the media library at once.

Here's how to use it:

1. Upload your media to the web/uploads/media_import folder (you will need to create that folder).

2. Run this task:

./symfony apostrophe:import-files

Note: files are removed from web/uploads/media_import as they are successfully imported. This allows you to run the task again later without double imports taking place.

If you arrange your files in a folder structure, the folder names become tags attached to the media items. So if you have:


Then bob.jpg will be imported to the media library with the tags people and bob already applied.

You can use the --dir option to the task to specify an alternate folder to import from. The command line task must be able to write to the import folder, and you should run it as the same user that runs Apostrophe normally for consistent ownership and permissions.