Apostrophe 1.5: legacy documentation

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Apostrophe Plugins

Additional P'unk Avenue Plugins For Symfony and Apostrophe

In addition to apostrophePlugin and apostropheBlogPlugin (standard in the sandbox), we'd like to share a few more great toys with you:

  •  apostropheCkEditorPlugin lets you use the newer CKEditor in place of FCKEditor throughout Apostrophe.
  •  apostropheExtraSlotsPlugin features inset slots for wraparound text, map slots for Google Maps and more. Evolving, undocumented, and totally good enough for our own client work.
  •  apostropheHTML5Plugin offers a simple way to get started with HTML 5 compliant markup in an Apostrophe project.
  •  apostropheImportersPlugin imports content from other CMSes into Apostrophe. Currently it offers Wordpress blog import.
  •  apostropheMysqlSearchPlugin replaces the default Zend Lucene search engine in Apostrophe with a simple MySQL-based search engine. An implementation of the new aSearchService abstract base class, which can be used to introduce other search engines as well.
  •  apostrophePeoplePlugin lets you display and manage groups of people in intuitive ways in Apostrophe with an Engine and a Slot.
  •  sfDoctrineActAsKeyValueStorePlugin lets you store "extra" data with any Doctrine object. A simple key-value attribute store that helps you avoid unnecessary schema changes and address "light" data storage needs like remembering user preferences without the need for migrations. Very fast and simple.
  •  sfSyncContentPlugin makes it easy to synchronize content from one environment to another, as easy as synchronizing code with project:deploy. An important part of our deployment process.
  •  apostropheWorkflowPlugin ensures that every change to a site is approved by an authorized person before it goes live.
  •  aS3StreamWrapper is an  Amazon S3 stream wrapper for PHP. Stream wrappers allow PHP code to read and write files in the cloud with traditional PHP functions. aS3StreamWrapper has a complete unit test suite and includes full support for subdirectories, a feature that is missing from other stream wrappers. If you wish to use it with Apostrophe, make sure you read the Apostrophe Scaling Guide first.
  •  apostropheEntitiesPlugin is a useful point of departure when you wish to support several types of objects that might be associated with pages, blog posts and each other.
  • apostropheMediaEnhancementsPlugin adds batch upload capabilities. As of this writing it is still alpha quality, expect bugs. Patches appreciated.

Community Apostrophe Plugins

Third-party plugins are not endorsed by P'unk Avenue in any way. We provide these links solely in the hope that they will be useful. Be sure to evaluate the quality of third party plugins yourself. To add your own plugin, announce it on the  apostrophenow Google Group and request that we add it here.

  •  apostropheGalleryViewerPlugin, by Leny Bernard, is an alternative way to present media on an Apostrophe site. (Note that you can do similar things with the existing media repository and slideshow slot. It's straightforward to customize the presentation of the slideshow slot at project level.)
  •  aExGMAPSlotPlugin, by Fotis Paraskevopoulos, provides an Apostrophe slot for inserting Google Maps. It is a wrapper around sfEasyGMapPlugin.
  •  srPageChooser Plugin, by Spike Brehm of SunRun Homes, allows the destination of a link to be chosen from a menu of existing Apostrophe pages on the site rather than copying and pasting a URL manually. A useful extension to rich text editing slots.
  •  adHTMLWrapperSlotPlugin, by Daniel Lohse, allows you to create slots that contain other slots according to a specified template (for instance, you can create a "product" slot that uses image slots and rich text slots in a particular way). Note that you can do something similar by taking advantage of the support for multiple blog post templates in our standard Apostrophe blog plugin.
  •  apostrophePollPlugin, by Raffaele Bolliger, provides infrastructure to simplify adding custom forms to Apostrophe pages and manages the responses that users give. It is still necessary to write Symfony code to create new forms with this plugin.
  •  sbApostropheEuCookieConsentPlugin keeps websites in compliance with the new European Union cookie law, which imposes a €500,000 fine on websites that do not obtain a user's consent before setting cookies in the browser as of this writing.

How do I get my plugin on this list?

Announce it on the apostrophenow Google Group, to which you should belong already! Make sure your plugin is  registered on the Symfony plugins page. Be sure to check the "Apostrophe" category box.

Please give the name of your plugin a prefix identifying you or your company. Please do not begin the name with "apostrophe" or just "a" unless you are working directly with us. This avoids confusion between the official plugins and community contributions. Thanks!