Apostrophe 1.5: legacy documentation

Still using Apostrophe 1.5? Check out Apostrophe 2 for your future projects.


Welcome to Apostrophe 1.5

Apostrophe® is a content management system designed for maximum flexibility with a minimal learning curve. This site covers Apostrophe 1.5, a mature version of Apostrophe for PHP developers. For general information about Apostrophe, including Apostrophe 2, and a live demo, visit  apostrophenow.org.

This website is the home of the open source community that has grown up around Apostrophe 1.5. On this site you can read the documentation, open support tickets, browse and contribute to the Wiki, and access and potentially contribute to the source code via svn (you'll need to contact us if you want write access).

Where Is The Apostrophe 1.5 Documentation?

You're reading it! We strongly recommend reading the chapters in order:

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How Do I Contribute To Apostrophe?

  • Open tickets here to describe any bugs you find (create an account here, then click "New Ticket"). Make sure you include enough detail to reproduce the problem. First check for existing tickets and possibly discuss your issue on the Google Group.
  • Create plugins to share your custom slots, engines, etc. for Apostrophe! Creating an Apostrophe plugin is just like creating any Symfony plugin, and we'd be glad to add them to the list.
  • Contribute to the internationalization of Apostrophe by translating the apps/frontend/i18n/apostrophe.en.xml file into new languages and requesting svn access to commit your new files.
  • Fix bugs! Please attach your patches to the appropriate ticket here in trac.
  • Give a talk about your Apostrophe project at your local web developer meetup!

Thank you for contributing!

How Do I Upgrade Apostrophe?

Consult the upgrade guide for information about upgrades.

How Do I Get An Account Here?

You need an account to open tickets, edit the Wiki, etc. To create an account for use on this site,  create an account on apostrophenow.com. If you created your account before 11/21/09, use the Reset Your Password feature of that site to set your password for both the main apostrophenow.com site and this site. You will then be able to log in here with the same credentials, using the "Login" link above.

Is There A Discussion Forum?

Yes, check out the  apostrophenow Google Group.

Are There More Plugins For Apostrophe?

 Yes, here's the list!

Sites Built with Apostrophe

Here is a list of sites built with Apostrophe.

Editing the Wiki: User Contributed Apostrophe HOWTOs

You can contribute your own HOWTOs as new Wiki pages and link them in this section. To get permission to edit the Wiki,  create an account on apostrophenow.org, then email apostrophe@….